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Alo Ver is an American singer and banjoist hailing from the bluegrass state of North Carolina. At twenty-three years of age, Alo recently graduated from the University of North Carolina and is residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently Alo is crafting her sophomore album, with the featured single “Make it Up As We Go” to release June 24th, 2021.

Praised by her inspiration, Scott Avett from the North Carolina folk duo the Avett Brothers for her “amazing songs” and equally “great voice”, Alo’s lyrics and ethereal voice will be sure to capture your heart and inspire love and transcendence from ordinary life. 

Alo Ver (Cassidy Goff) grew up on the blood harmonies and bluegrass roots of The Avett Brothers, who she credits as her largest inspiration for the music she creates today. Following suit of banjoist Scott Avett, Goff asked for a banjo for her birthday during her middle school years as her first instrument and taught herself the three-finger picking banjo style that is present in the Avett’s songs and in the rich bluegrass history of her home state. 

During her sophomore year at the University of North Carolina, Goff began playing house parties and local shows with her jazz-infused, alternative band called Web Threats. Ethan Baechtold, drummer of Web Threats, and Goff began exploring a side project in which Ethan produced experimental electronic beats to support Goff’s vocals and lyrics, inspired by the likes of Sylvan Esso and Flying Lotus. These songs accumulated to the creation of Goff’s first album which she decided to release under the stage name Alo Ver which mimics the plant name of aloe vera as well as the spelling of “A Lover” to encapsulate her lyrical messages of love and the protection of nature. She titled her first album “ALover” to hint to listeners this double meaning.

That same year, Alo was introduced to hip hop artist Kevin “Kaze” Thomas, a UNC alumni who returned to Chapel Hill to open the recording studio, VibeHouse 405. Kaze took Alo under his wing and became her manager and mentor and guided Alo through the release of her first album which was recorded at VibeHouse 405. Kaze and Alo continue to work together closely as Alo and VibeHouse are transitioning into their next evolution of creativity. 

Alo performed her debut album with her five piece band at the legendary Chapel Hill venues, Local 506 and Cat’s Cradle. Currently, Alo is teaching herself the old-time style of banjo playing known as clawhammer, or frailing banjo which is featured on her upcoming releases. Through UNC she had the opportunity to meet banjo inspirations, Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn who continue to pass knowledge and inspire her on her journey with the banjo. 

Her upcoming releases feature this evolved sound of old-time folk mixed with a new age sound of dance to create this genre-defying collection of music. Working with her boyfriend and bassist of the Alo Ver band, Patrick Lydon, Alo is ready to release the music they recorded in their living room during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020. Follow Alo on her social medias to stay up to date with her new releases!